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Form meets fashion in this product category! Aesthetically  pleasing and a great solution for unique shaped bottles and containers, your products will be dressed for success.

  • Great for a variety of markets, including foods, nutraceuticals, beverages, household products, cosmetics and more.

  • 360 degree graphics for maximum brand impact

  • Scuff resistant by reverse printing

  • Added protection from breakage

  • Mask uneven fill lines

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More and more brands are making the switch from boxes and glass to flexible bags and pouches. They are a great choice for food, beverage, pet , cannabis and nutraceutical packaging.

  • Choose from white, clear or foil substrates

  • UV coating or lamination available in matte and gloss finishes


Tough, tear-proof polyethylene envelopes.

  • Lightweight, saves on shipping.

  • Ink, stamps and labels adhere easily.

  • Water resistant.

  • Perforated tear strip for easy opening.

  • Tamper resistant.


Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, the potential that custom poly mailers provide is unparalleled. Customizing each package with branded imagery, logo designs, and personal messages can increase customer loyalty.


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Ecolite bubble mailers are used for shipping variety of products. They are made from golden or brown Kraft paper. 
The benefits of using these Ecolite bubble mailers are they are very light weight and hence, saves you on postage. They provide a good protection to the products inside. 
Bubble lining lets you insert your product easily. To seal the packet property, all you have to do is to peel and seal. If someone tampers your product, you’d know it as it is tamper evident. These mailers have one layer of high quality bubble wrap that will keep your product protected.


These long, and skinny flexible packages are often used for drink mixes, nutraceuticals, spices, and other single-serve items.
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