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We are proud to contribute to our industry's place in global preservation. Our company mission is to provide sustainable solutions for as many products as possible. If a product offering is unsustainable, we have the resources and industry capabilities to provide an environmentally-friendly alternative.



Karp Container specializes in corrugated packaging which accounts for over 90% of our inventory and services.

Corrugated packaging is made from trees and is 100% recyclable. It is the most recovered packaging material used today. The Fibre Box Association states that 93% is recovered and recycled to make new boxes and other paper products.

Another material that is 100% recyclable is glass. We have glass solutions which create a premium, environmentally-friendly alternative and help reduce the amount of plastic packaging in the world.


Corrugated packaging recovery reduced the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) 35 percent between 2006-2014 by keeping corrugated out of landfills. Recycled corrugated provides fiber that is used to make new corrugated, which means as an industry we are using less raw material.


Paper mills, who supply corrugated companies with the materials to make packages, no longer use fuel from non-renewable fossil fuel sources like oil and coal. In 2014, the fuel mix used by mills consisted of 73 percent natural gas. Increasing the amount of natural gas used reduces contributions to global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.



Uncontrolled plastic-use has been a global problem for decades, and now the industry is starting to react. With an excessive supply of plastic currently circulating around the world, it has provided an abundance of materials to recycle and reuse again.

We have partnerships with factories who produce packaging products with the utilization of PCR (post-consumer recycled plastics). These can be as much as 100% PCR and fully recyclable again!

Another technological advancement in the industry is the introduction of bio-plastics which use natural ingredients instead of petroleum based materials.

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